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What is a Circle of Influence

In this unit, I explain what is meant by "Circles of Influence and why they are so important.

Hello & Welcome to this course!

As you are most probably aware the marketplace is filling with more and more estate agents by the day. Each one comes with a new promotion or great idea. There are now also a plethora of internet and “Hybrid” Estate agents launching that not only want a slice of the pie but want to take over altogether!

All at a time when quality stock seem more scarce than ever before!

Sometimes your activity helps you to build your brand in certain parts of your area, while you seem to stay weaker in other areas. Your name awareness becomes patchy and your competitors fill in the gaps. This makes it harder for you to grow into those areas.

On this course you will learn how to boost your name awareness, add value to your brand and connect your marketplace. You will also learn to combat any activity from your competing agents. This will help you to strengthen your brand, position yourself as the Estate Agent of Choice and charge what you are worth ( that’s a lot more than the others, in case you were wondering).

So without further ado,  let’s get cracking!

Watch the video below for an explanation of what I mean by “Circles of Influence” and why they are so important for any Estate Agency business.

Make sure you take notes as there will be a short quiz before you can move on to the next module!

A quick word of WARNING before you move on. If you write to a vendor who is marketing with another Estate Agent you MUST include a dual fee liability disclaimer in all of your marketing material.

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