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This course teaches Estate Agents how to BOOST their name awareness and capture potential vendors by growing their “Circles Of Influence”. Great for generating more Market Appraisals!

Every action you take in your local market creates a small “Circle of Influence”. These are pockets of brand exposure where you are more likely to be known for your activities and where you are more likely to be called in for a Market Appraisal.

Unfortunately these pockets can be very small and unconnected, causing your popularity to be sporadic instead of widespread.

By growing those pockets, you can significantly BOOST your Name Awareness and connect your “Circles Of Influence”. When this happens your marketplace becomes connected with potential vendors who know how busy you are and are more likely to use you!

This course will teach you:

  • The importance of “Circles of Influence” in boosting name awareness
  • 4 “Key Action” stages that create interest in your brand
  • How to spread your name awareness around your “Key Actions”
  • To cover your area with Name Awareness and connect your marketplace
  • How to decrease the impact of your competitors sales

Used consistently, the principles learned on this course will help you to grow your name awareness and generate more Market Appraisals!

Course Curriculum

Module One
What is a Circle of InfluenceFREE 00:05:00
In this unit, I explain what is meant by "Circles of Influence and why they are so important.
Module One Test 00:10:00
Module Two
How to Grow Your Circles of Influence 00:05:00
In this module I share with you a really easy way to grow your Circles of Influence.
Module Two Test 00:10:00
Module Three
Shrinking the Competitions Circles 00:05:00
In this final module I will explain why it is important to also grow your name awareness around your competitors actions.
Module Three Test 00:10:00

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  1. Good Refresher


    a good refresher…

  2. TOP NOTCH!!


    Having bought the circles of influence letter pack i decided to purchase this course to accompany the letter pack to ensure that i use them to the best of my advantage. The course is well written, simple to understand and the quiz at the end ensures you have taken notes of the course content. I am please i purchased this course as i have no doubts now that i can go forward and BOOST our awareness in our local area! We have an abundance of competing agents in our local area and i am 100% certain that by using the letter pack along with the guidance of this training we will conquer the market in our area.

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